Meeting to consider SB 653, HB 422, HB 423, SB 252, SB 736 and HB 1269

Senate Local Government Committee

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

9:30 a.m.

Room 8E-A East Wing




Senate Bill 653 (Browne) – Bill Summary – Consolidates the collection of local, non-real estate taxes at the county regional level. 

Amendment A01725

House Bill 422 (Gabler) – Bill Summary – Amends the First Class Township Code to update eligibility provisions for township offices, align the procedure used to fill vacancies with other municipal codes, and provide for the filling of vacancies that result from a resignation.

House Bill 423 (Gabler) – Bill Summary – Amends the Second Class Township Code to establish a procedure for filling vacancies created as the result of a resignation of an elected official.

Senate Bill 252 (Vulakovich/Costa/Fontana) – Bill Summary – Allows the Pittsburgh Parking Authority to enter into transactions with private developers through the allocation of a percentage of parking spaces for private projects.

Senate Bill 736 (Martin/Blake) – Bill Summary – Authorizes parking authorities of Second Class A and Third Class Cities to administer and enforce motor vehicle related ordinances and resolutions including the adjudication of disputed parking violations and the collection of fines.

House Bill 1269 (Quigley) – Bill Summary – Extends from 15 years to 20 years the timeframe for a municipal sewer authority serving five or more municipalities to complete infrastructure and facility projects funded by a sewer tapping fee.