Meeting to Consider Bills

Senate Local Government Committee

January 30, 2018

Off the Floor | Rules Room


Senate Bill 114 (Eichelberger) – Enables a sewer authority to obtain a court order allowing it to terminate sewer service to commercial customers who are delinquent at least 6 months in payment of sewer bills

Provide for concise publication of annual financial reporting information

  • Senate Bill 771 (McGarrigle) – Amends the Borough Code and Third Class City
  • Senate Bill 772 (McGarrigle) – Amends the First Class Township Code
  • Senate Bill 773 (McGarrigle) – Amends Act 253 of 1929 (relating to Incorporated Towns)

House Bill 104 (Godshall) – Amends Title 53 to require a municipal authority to publicly discuss all acquisitions and the sale or transfer of authority-owned water and sewer infrastructure and how the acquisition or sale will benefit the authority’s existing ratepayers; and requires annual reports within 180 days of the end of an authority’s fiscal year.

  • Amendment A05631 – Extends the effective date from 60 days to 90 days

Authorize local governments to implement storm water management ordinances and to assess a fee to fund the planning, management, implementation, construction and maintenance of storm water facilities.

  • House Bill 913 (Everett) – Amends Title 8 (Boroughs and Incorporated Towns)
    • Amendment A05642
  • House Bill 914 (Everett) – Amends the Borough Code (Title 8)
    • Amendment A05643
  • House Bill 915 (Everett) – Amends the First Class Township Code (Act 331 of 1931)
    • Amendment A05644
  • House Bill 916 (Everett) – Amends Title 11 (Cities)
    • Amendment A05645
  • Amendments A05642 – A05645 – Impose a restriction stating that the fee assessed may not exceed the amount necessary to meet the minimum requirements of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (FWPCA) and Federal or State laws governing the implementation of the FWPCA.

House Bill 1364 (James) – Amends Act 78 of 1979 (“No Bid” Law) to provide for the award of contract for services when no bids are received