Meeting to consider SB 597, SB 979, and HB 99

Senate Local Government Committee

Tuesday,December 12, 2017



Senate Bill 597 (Stefano) – Provides the Auditor General with the ability to examine and audit accounting records and performances of any municipal authority. – Summary

Senate Bill 979 (Regan) – Amends Title 53 to allow for full-time local police officers employed with a local police force to purchase up to five years of pension service credit for prior full- or part-time police service. – Summary

House Bill 99 (Zimmerman) – Amends the Borough Code to allow boroughs to issue contracts during an emergency without advertising, bidding or price quotations and requires council to disclose the reasons at its next public hearing. Also adds electricity to existing list of utility services for boroughs not subject to advertising, bidding or price quotations. – Summary

Amendment A05235 (Blake) – Aligns the contract authorization language with that of the Second Class Township Code.