Meeting to consider SB 477, SB 478, SB 479, SB 480, and SB 524

Senate Local Government Committee

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 | 10:00 a.m.

Senate Chamber and Virtual Participation

Call to Order 

SB 477 (J. Ward) – Amends Consolidated County Assessment Law to further provide for the definition of “normal regular repairs” and reporting of building and demolition permit information

  • Amendment A00814 (Dush) – Technical amendment to define “Property features.”

SB 478 (Dush) – Provides for award of contract for services when no bids are received

SB 479 (Hutchinson) – Amends the Municipalities Financial Recovery Act to enhance ethical provisions

SB 480 (Kearney) – Amends Title 8 to make several technical changes and clarifications to the Borough Code. Updates the code to repeal current provisions regarding accumulation and collection of garbage and creates a new chapter called “Solid Waste Collection and Disposition” which closely aligns with the Third Class City Code and Second Class Township Code.

SB 524 (Yaw) – Amends Title 53 related to Home Rule questions

Recess to the Call of the Chair

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